Beretta JK205A02 Loveless Skinner Zytel Knife

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In the knife world, no name has greater magic than R.W. Loveless. During the peak of Loveless' popularity, if you wanted an original, you had to be prepared to wait three years or pay thousands because the demand outstripped supply for three decades. Before his passing, Beretta teamed up with the master maker to create the first line of series-manufactured Loveless-style knives. This Loveless Zytel Skinner features a hollow ground blade with reinforced spine for extra strength and durability. The US made, vegetable tanned leather sheaths, stamped with the Beretta Trident Logo, are designed especially for the quality of the knife and the rigors of the hunt. The deep pockets and rollover belt loops provide great knife security. Overall length 8", blade length 3.38" Knife made in Japan. Sheath made in the US.

Zytel-handled semi skinner blade

Designed for rugged hunting use

Reinforced spine for extra strength and durability

Deep pockets and rollover belt loops provide great knife security

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Item Model / Model No.:JK205A02

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